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Refurbishment of Floodlight System

Supported by Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conversation and Nuclear Safety based on a decision of the German Bundestag.


The goal of the refurbishment of the floodlight system on the sports field "Wolfskaute" is to reduce the energy consumption in the long term and to contribute to climate protection by reducing CO2 emissions. Furthermore, the club will be able to significantly reduce electricity costs through the use of modern LED technology and the long-life cycle of the lamps is going to be result in fewer maintenance and repair costs in the future. The long-life cycle of the "lamps" allowing a more gently approach to the environment. All work on the floodlight system should be completed by the end of February 2022 depending on the weather condition.

Funding Number: 03K18151

PTJ: Klimaschutzinitiative Kommunen


National Climate Initiative

Since 2008 the Federal Ministry for the Environment has been initiating and funding with the National Climate Initiative numerous projects that contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The programs and projects cover a wide range of climate protection activities from the development of long-term strategies to specific help and assistance measures for investements. This diversity is a guarantee for good ideas. The National Climate Initiative contributes to anchoring climate protection locally. Consumers benefit from it as well as companies, cities and educational institutions.