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The club house is going to be enlarged by approx. 50 m² this year, which will also lead to changes in the "old building". The office will be integrated into the new building, enabling a separate changing room for the referees and a wardrobe to be set up in the entrance area of ​​the old bulding. In addition to the new office, another changing room will be built. Top be able to finish this project for our young players and the women's team in the coming months, we need support:

  • A symbolic brick can be purchased for €10 and there is a free drink for each brick at the topping-out ceremony
  • If you buy at least 10bricks, your name will be listed on a donation board that is attached to the club house, if you wish
  • To donate, the listed QR code can be scanned, which contains all the important data (except the amount of the donation) for the transfer
  • Upon request, a donation receipt can be issued

Donation Account

IBAN: DE45 4476 1534 2328 5360 00
Volksbank in Südwestfalen
Designated Use: Erweiterungsbau des Sportheims Wolfskaute


Construction Progress